Cognition without language: Nonverbal communication and cognition in non- or minimally verbal children with autism

04th May

Narrative competence across autism spectrum conditions

19th Apr

TALKING BRAINS finally opens its doors

16th Mar
After 4 years of preparations, the perhaps first-ever exhibition of language as a natural object opens its doors for the public on 30th March 2017 at 20.00. This exhibition takes a look at our brain as the uniquely linguistic organ in nature and tries to incite reflections on what language is and means - including how it creates thoughts, and how it marks the path of decline when normal thought is lost. Spread the word and come along, to the CosmoCaixa science museum in Barcelona, where it wi...

Types of (pro)nominal deficiencies in formal thought disorder in schizophrenia

15th Dec

First- vs. Third-Person Narratives & False Belief in HFA (2017-2018)

14th Dec

Linguistic Deficits Identifying Thought-Disordered Speech in a Narrative Production Task (2017)

14th Dec