Research on the topics we deal with at the GCL has developed over the last decade under the funds of different funding agencies across Europe. This is the list so far:

‘The origin of truth’, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and funded by the Dutch NWO (2006-2012).

‘UnCartesian Linguistics’, based in Durham, UK and Munich, Germany, funded through a AHRC/DFG bilateral agreement from 2009-2012 (jointly with Professor Elisabeth Leiss, University of Munich).

‘Language and Mental Health’, AH/L004070/1, funded at 918,980 GBP by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It involves multidisciplinary work on language in schizophrenia and aphasia, spread over three sites in the UK: Durham, Newcastle, and London.

‘Lenguaje, deixis y trastornos mentales’ (Language, deixis, and mental disorders). FFI2013-40526-P, funded by the Spanish Government (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad) (2013-2016).

Group of Biolinguistics and Cognitive Disorders (G-BCD) 2014-SGR200, funded by the Generalitat (the Catalan Government).

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